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This is where I hold nothing back in living for my best life and help others along the way!  I am goal-oriented in every area of my life, not just fitness. I talk about it and teach it here!  I simplify training and nutrition to be in the best shape I want to be in whether I am competing or reeling back the intensity to aim for balance. This is where I share it all. 

Before you get any further….

Hi! I’m Bailey!

I’m an author, athlete, entrepreneur, mom, and wife. I love helping people live their best life and get three times more done in half the time! I obsess how to juggle it all while being balanced and not burnt out. Trust me, I’ve already been there! So I live it, teach it, lead events, and write about it so you can do it too. I even show you how to simplify training and nutrition.  What’s your workout personality type? Take the quiz and find out!

How I Can Help You

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

At our studio, you receive the best of Columbus Deep Tissue and Sports Massage! This is where the professional athletes get massages to increase their performance, healing, and recovery! Schedule with one of our therapists in our beautiful location. Leave feeling better than ever!

Online Courses

Learn how to dream again with our online courses! Specifically to lead you to dream, decide what you want, and how to go get it! From career, happiness, relationships, spirituality, to fitness goals… it’s how to increase joy in EVERY area of your life.  Master your mind and body with these lasting changes and love it!

Health and Fitness

Get better results in less time. Simplify training and nutrition in minimal time for maximum results. No more obsessing about calories, macros, fad diets, and running yourself crazy in the gym.  I help people walk into the gym with confidence and get what they need done in only three hours per week, so they can focus on what matters most in life.

Events and Retreats

To perform high, you need to unplug and be renewed on a regular basis.  Check out our events and retreats to increase your overall performance for work, life, and your health.  Increase your success and happiness by joining in on future events. Local to Columbus, Ohio and even globally.

What Clients Are Saying

"Their technique, ability, willingness to learn about their clients, and overall quality of massage are second to none in my experience. As a professional athlete, I have constant need to keep my body in shape and recovery week to week. Their massages have changed my career and allowed me opportunities to grow and progress as an athlete."

– Wil Trapp – Major League Soccer

"Between my older daughter starting high school, working long hours and training for a triathlon, I need to spend less time in the gym for strength training and bodybuilding. A 3-day training workout fits perfectly into my current goals. Optimal training in less time will give me more time to swim, bike and run, while being able to body build. A lot of people are very busy. They can fit this into their busy lifestyle."

– Kon, Father and Ironman on The Three Day Body

"Paulette is one of the best massage therapists I have seen. Her deep tissue massage is intense; however, I always leave feeling refreshed and pain free. She is always punctual and very professional. I highly recommend Paulette if you are looking for a massage therapist."

– Katie

Schedule Your Deep Tissue Massage with Paulette TODAY!

"So I've been pre-hypertensive with my blood pressure the last few times I've had it checked. All my family take BP meds and was told that it was time to get on some meds. So I went to the doc today and the first thing she said was how good I looked and said that I had lost a lot of weight since the last time she saw me. They manually took my blood pressure in both arms and said I've worked my way into having great blood pressure and lost 50 pounds."

– Kelly

"The online course made me step back and think how to better myself mentally, physically, and overall well-being!""

– Scott, Lawyer and Business Owner

“This course was awesome! I haven't done anything like that and it brought me so much joy to actually dream again.”

– Marita

"I’ve been working with Bailey since the start of the 2015 season and I have never felt better. Bailey’s technique and touch of Sport Massage is unique. It helps to also be in the hands of an athlete because she knows what the body needs and she cares a lot about how you are performing, day in and day out."

– Kei Kamara, Major League Soccer

"Bailey is the best kept secret of Columbus!"

– Sam, Dr of Physical Therapy

"Bailey Dawn is a world-class athlete and an award winning body builder who knows what it takes to get into the best shape of your life."

– Kyle

"Bailey is a freak of an athlete and an amazing therapist."

– Jonathan, United States Olympian


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