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Hi! I’m Bailey.  I started practicing massage therapy with Sports Medicine Physicians, cancer patients, and celebrities 20 years ago.  While studying for my medical board exam, I was already a personal trainer and worked in nutrition at a local hospital. So it’s wild to think I’ve been passionate about all of this and doing it professionally for 20 years! I train others online and own Bátor Studios  which is known for Deep Tissue and Sports Massage in Columbus, Ohio.


The Journey

Along the way, I’ve been serious about my own transformation in fitness, health, relationship with God, healing, and joy. It’s all part of stress-management and overall performance.  It includes balance, boundaries, relationships, personal development, and defining success on my own terms.  

It’s all related and I absolutely geek out about it.  Everything is connected!

I help others through my book that’s coming out in 2021, as well as events and retreats to unplug and recharge, my online courses and training programs, free guides, and through Deep Tissue Massage located in Columbus.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to sign up for your own journey for overall performance and success.  Join me!




Part of My Story…

 I was on a professional snowboard tour and crushed both ankles trying to land an 80 foot jump. Oops!   

While I had hoped to make it to Sochi for the Winter Olympics, I instead was learning to walk again.   I then began training for figure competitions.  Soon enough, I was competing in both sports at national levels.  I learned how to simplify training and nutrition so it didn’t take over my life, and I teach others the same! It doesn’t need to be so complicated!

I hope you sign up for my newsletter so I can send you all my favorite secrets and tips.  I like to simplify it all, yet make the MOST out of life. I don’t want a busy life, I want a FULL life.  I love to transform each day for the better and help those that want it too.

“Bailey is a transformational artist!”

– Tony Robbins Team 


What People Ask Me About the Most…


People often ask me about workouts, fat loss, nutrition, massage, and supplements.  It doesn’t need to be so difficult… so I simplify it all!  Want to find out your workout personality type? Take the quiz below! 

Bailey Dawn Fat Loss
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Bátor Studios

Relieve your tension and pain from your workouts, stress, sitting at desks, leaning over patients, posture, injury, or repetitive motion by scheduling a Deep Tissue Massage with us at Bátor. Located in Dublin.  We have a lot of physicians, athletes, and professionals who need more than just a spa day, that’s why they come see us, and why you should, too!

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