Known for Best Deep Tissue Massage in Columbus: Bátor Studios Partners with The Club at Corazón

Known for Best Deep Tissue Massage in Columbus: Bátor Studios Partners with The Club at Corazón


best massage in columbus, Dublin ohio


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with The Club at Corazón in Dublin!

It’s gorgeous and has it all.  We love the new change, and so far everyone else does too.

And so will you.

Waterfalls, vineyard, beautiful lobby, Tuscan style building, with gorgeous gardens and pools. Your Deep Tissue and Sports Massage appointments take place in our newly remodeled rustic European spa.

When you are here, you will feel like you are on vacation… except you are still in Dublin and didn’t need to board a flight.

It’s much closer than you think to go somewhere your body and soul needs to recharge.

Bator studios partners with the club at Corazon



I couldn’t pass this opportunity to relocate our privately owned massage studio. Although we have been based in Grandview Heights for over eight years, I intended to stay in that area.

At least, until I found The Club at Corazón.

“How did you even find this place?” Is pretty much what every single person has asked us when they come in for their Deep Tissue Massage.

“What IS this place?!? This building is so gorgeous, it’s something that should be in Arizona or Miami! But it’s right here in Dublin! I didn’t even know this was here!” One of our regular clients shared.

And that’s why we relocated and partnered with Corazón.

Schedule a massage with us and experience all the club has to offer, too.

You don’t have to be a member to schedule your massage, but if you’d like to stay the day and enjoy the fitness center and take a class or two, swim some laps or just relax in the hot tub and steam room, it’s only $10 dollars more for a full day pass!

Dublin deep tissue massage


For over 15 years, I wanted to lead retreats and events, to help people on their transformational journey’s.  I’m a visionary, but not the greatest at details and logistics, which kept me from committing.

The pandemic motivated me to start the retreats, even with the lockdowns and restrictions.

My heart broke seeing depression and suicide rates skyrocket.  Community and activities are crucial to a person’s overall well-being.  If I had a way I could help someone and their families, it would be this.

Bátor Studios Dublin, Ohio


We weren’t created to be isolated and we are seeing the damage of that.  What people have been going through is absolutely inhumane. I know I’m only one person, but if I could help this world be a better place, this would be it.

However, there are even more people that are secretly depressed and looking for a way to feel better, to be in community again, to have something to look forward to, and to increase their overall well-being… safely.

I got off my 15 year procrastination and started researching local venues around Columbus to host my first (small and safe, of course) event.

That’s how I found The Club at Corazón and fell in love.

Instead of just doing retreats and events….. I moved in!

columbus, ohio, Dublin ohio, best massage in Dublin



Although featured The Best of Wedding Venues on The Knot, it offers so much more.

I saw everything of how I wanted to help people from massage, fitness, self-care, and the resort feeling for retreats.  They have fitness classes, fully equipped gym, yoga, indoor and outdoor pools, clay tennis courts, hot tubs, steam rooms, gorgeous locker rooms, a bar, and a restaurant.

And now they have us.

The club is known for being the best kept secret of Columbus, but it shouldn’t be a secret.  More people need to know about it and take advantage of having something this beautiful so close.

“It’s like being on vacation, but you’re home,” Nate Traucht, the Fitness Director of the Club stated.

And he’s right.

best spa in Dublin ohio

best spa in Dublin ohio



Your well-being is vital.

And we believe that with you and for you.   Massage can help that vitality because it is a form of self-care on many levels physically, mentally, and emotionally. Just being able to get away and have a moment set aside to get a massage sets the intention that you are worth it.

Your mind, body, and soul need it.  There’s no doubt about it.  It’s a very important way to increase your well-being.

And while you are at it, feel like you are on vacation, too.





5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immunity Today

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immunity Today

While much of the world had stopped doing things they needed for their overall health and immunity out of fear and uncertainty, I found a new passion. Health became more than just being healthy, strong, and lean, but also about building a stronger immune system.

This began my research and to collaborate with physicians who were like minded in empowering people over their own health and immunity. Without hesitating, I planned an Immunity and Wellness Event in Columbus, Ohio and reached out to the expert on immunity, Dr. James DiNicolantonio.

He outlines everything in his book, The Immunity Fix, which is available on Amazon.


The Immunity Fix


“Dr. James, what would you say would be the top 5 things that increase immunity?”

Expecting to hear high priced treatments, he simple said, 1. Sleep, 2. Nutrition, 3. Exercise, 4. Sunlight, 5. Supplements.

I have yet to find another text about the immune system that is as holistic as The Immunity Fix.  Dr James stated, “By the end of this book, you’ll realize how interconnected and interdependent all the body’s systems are, including the immune system, metabolism, and sleep-wakefulness cycles.”

He refers to a lifestyle I believe in, that can help improve the immune system but also one that supports vibrant metabolic health.



how to boost immunity

how to boost your immunity and better health




My passion for my very first event was to help people feel empowered over their health and immunity.

Many people have been living in fear, uncertain of what they could do,  away from vacation, away from community, and forced to be creative to exercise or for some to meet basic needs.

If I could do anything to help this world during these troubling times, it would be exactly this: to empower others over their own health and immunity. 

You can do it by strengthening your own immune system that Dr. James DiNicolantonio with co-author and researcher Siim Land have compiled thoughtfully and timely through The Immunity Fix.

The Immunity Fix



I partnered with Restore at Easton for this event, where we had many options to choose from to increase our immune systems. The options aren’t as powerful as sleep, sunshine, exercise, nutrition, and supplements, but they still help build and strengthen your immune system, and worth considering to make part of your lifestyle that you can learn in more detail in The Immunity Fix as well.

At the event, we took turns choosing from:

  • IV Therapy Drips to boost immunity and metabolism
  • compression therapy
  • cryotherapy
  • red light therapy
  • and infrared saunas


benefits of infrared saunas

compression therapy at Restore Easton


compression therapy


red light therapy


While sleep, nutrition, exercise, sunlight, and supplements are Dr. James DiNicolantonio’s top 5 for increasing your immunity, pick up The Immunity Fix for a more holistic and comprehensive text to make it all part of your lifestyle.

Be empowered over your own health and immunity.  In the book, Dr. James and Siim Land go over great practices to strengthen your immune system and live a healthier life. Although Dr. James listed his top 5, he also lists his favorite supplements, and other practices as well.

Buy The Immunity Fix today and be empowered, healthier, and stronger!


Have you taken the free quiz for your workout personality yet? Do it here and discover what you need to take yourself to the next level! I’ll be your guide!

Mental Health Approach to Your Workouts

Mental Health Approach to Your Workouts

Fitness might look a little different this year.  At least it does to me.  While I have always been focused on weight training and minimal cardio in just three days a week to get optimal results, I’ve had my perspective shift.

Not a complete shift, though.

Lifting weights is still the way to go for ultimate results, but for the sake of metabolic health and increasing immunity, I am now cherishing cardio more than I ever have. I’m lifting at the gym, and having fun doing cardio with my Bowflex C6 Bike at home.

With lifting three-ish days a week and increasing a little HIIT afterwards, you can have it all. At least, that’s what I’m doing.

I’m getting the results, increasing my metabolic health, increasing my immunity, and also taking my mental health more seriously than ever before. Also leading Immunity and Wellness events, so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so you can join.


weight lifting, mental health fitness



Be kind to yourself.  While before there may be more tension for counting calories and macros, and letting weight loss be your goal for fitness, look at it differently.

Approach with the perspective of taking care of your mental health, overall well-being, and relationships.






Hey, we aren’t always doing our best.  It’s ok to not be ok.  However, it’s not ok to feel sorry for ourselves.  I learned that one when I crushed both of my ankles and had to learn to walk again.  No matter what; do NOT feel sorry for yourself.

Look at your dial.  Maybe you can’t be at a 10, and that’s ok.  What do YOU need for YOU and YOUR mental health right now? It’s better you adjust your dial back to where you need it versus jumping off the wagon and feeling awful about yourself.

You have this dial to feel more empowered.  Take some pressure off yourself.

Thank you to Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition who gave permission to use the dials for coaching and publishing purposes. 



modify nutrition, mental health





Sometimes trying to do all the things can be overwhelming.  Instead of mastering everything, master your dials.  Get to know them well, and to adjust them for what is best for you.   Mastering the dials can be a great beginning to mastering self.


self mastery


overall wellness





With these principles. you can adjust the intensity of your training and nutrition.  If there are times you can turn up the heat, then do it! But take care of your mental health in the process.  Master your dials. Be kind to yourself.

To work out with me, you will need full access to a gym.  I’ll show you step by step how to use the equipment, how to get results, all while enjoying your life at the same time. Get your first week for $1 by clicking here.



Let me know in the comments, where you feel you need to be with your dials! You have the power to adjust them.  Where are yours?

A Message of Hope When Things Suck

A Message of Hope When Things Suck

Dear Friend,

I pray this brings you encouragement.  Although this blog is for training, nutrition, and the 10 areas of performance, I had something else is mind.  It’s a ‘I think I should just share what’s on my heart and shoot from the hip’ kind of post.

The one that isn’t well thought out nor organized.  No overarching purpose to teach you, but simply for me to write and pray that it still helps you in some way.



“Well, Lord, I don’t know what I should offer today if anyone may read this,” I prayed in my conversation with God.

He led me to read a devotional, Jesus Calling, however, the devotion for the day still didn’t seem like the thing I needed to share.

So I went back to God and asked, “Lord, what do people need to hear today?”  Knowing most people don’t care about what we ‘need’ to hear, but only what we ‘want’ to hear. I’m sure you didn’t ‘want’ to hear that either. None of us do.



Instead of using the devotion for this post, He showed me the cartoon, Inside Out. Have you seen it?  It’s about an 11 year old little girl that had to move to San Fransisco for a completely new life and crazy uncertainties. It shows each of her emotions trying to work through the major transition, where Joy and Sadness are no longer part of her.

Fear, Disgust, and Anger are trying to pretend to be Joy for the little girl, but it’s just getting worse.

A transition like where most of us are: in the middle of the pandemic and crazy uncertainties, mandates, depression, and loneliness. I know you feel it, or have felt it.  I certainly pray you aren’t feeding it.

A time where joy has been forgotten, in both the movie and in our lives. We feel the fear, disgust, and anger, and some feed it.




There is a place for fear, disgust, and anger, but you aren’t supposed to be guided by them.  Just like every emotion is important, but they should never dictate your life. They point to something deeper.

What is dictating your life? What emotions? What gods?

Seriously quiet your heart and ask.  Pray. Let God show you just as he just told me to share this movie in hopes to speak to the one that needed it.

Being filled and led by fear, disgust, and anger is toxic to your health mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Learn how I deal with it here.

prayer, performance, devotion




Towards the end of the movie, the 11 year old Riley completely lost her personality.  Everything went blank.  She had no emotions by the time she got on a bus to run away.  She stared off in the distance, at this point, just numb.   Her emotions were on lock down.  At least they were until Joy and Sadness found their way back.



Don’t let your emotions lead you, nor shut down from them.  You need your joy.

Yes, things really suck right now.  But don’t let your joy get shut down or locked down.  You do have control over that.  Even when things suck, you do.  I pray you believe that and have hope.



Even when things suck, invite joy.

Over and over again invite it, look for it, create it, collect it, be it, and share it. The world needs it. You need it. Your family needs it.

Time out.  Now I need to chuckle.  A chuckle while saying, “Jesus, your timing is always perfect.”

I say that because at this very moment I type this, God showed me that maybe I can use todays devotion from Jesus Calling.  I didn’t plan on it as I began writing, but I trusted Jesus while typing this out to encourage someone to not let fear, anger, and disgust guide them.  And for others, to not be emotionally or physically on lock down.

As you invite joy over and over again, looking for it, creating it, and collecting it; here’s what todays devotion read:

As you go through this day, look for tiny treasures strategically placed along the way.  I lovingly go before you and plant little pleasures to brighten your day.  Look carefully for them, and pluck them one by one.  When you reach the end of your day, you will hav gathered a lovely bouquet.  Offer it up to Me with a grateful heart.  Receive My Peace as you lie down to sleep, with thankful thoughts playing a lullaby in your mind. – Jesus Calling





Even when things suck, God still has perfect timing.  Though this time of uncertainty, still be certain of his timing.  Still be certain of not giving up.  Still be certain you have the power to invite joy and share it.  Still be certain to keep fighting for, believing in, and becoming what you could be.  Living in fear, disgust, and anger shouldn’t be that.

Just as I had absolutely no intention to use a devotional today, by the time I got to some sort of conclusion, the Holy Spirit was there to surprise me.  That devotional ended up being exactly what I didn’t know I needed, in His perfect timing. He keeps me on my toes.  I just have to be willing to look for those moments. Glad you could be part of one today.  But trust in His perfect timing.

You were created with emotions, but don’t let them guide you.  Let your faith do that.



If you were encouraged in any way, please share below.  If not, please don’t comment.  Choose to not feed into fear, anger, and disgust, and instead joy and hope.


Why You Need a Good Adventure

Why You Need a Good Adventure

Did you know that adventures, hobbies, spirituality, and self-care are also components of your overall success and performance?  I mean, think about it.

If all you do is hyper focused on just one thing like obsessed about your work, obsessed about your fitness, obsessed about your kids, etc.  Those one things are called idols. Idols are destructive to the whole picture, so if you want to perform higher in life, you just can’t if you are hyper focused on just one thing.

You need to experience and schedule adventures in for yourself! It helps to deflate that balloon of stress of yours so you can still enjoy life and live it to it’s fullest.



You need adventure. It’s important to your joy and performance.  If you say you are too busy for that, then my dear something needs to change.

I forced my husband out of the house this past weekend to go get lost in the woods. To go explore nature somewhere and unplug from technology. He’s a completely different person when relaxing by a fire, hiking in the woods, in nature basically anywhere, in the mountains, or on the beach.

But I have to force myself to do the same.

I just tried mountain biking for my very first time and had a blast! Adventure was exactly what I needed.


adventures in columbus, mountain biking in columbus, retreats, adventure,




On this blog, I write about and help people with training, nutrition, and performance. When it comes to performance, that breaks down into 10 areas that I talk about in this post.

The highest performers around the world aren’t just Olympians and billionaires.  I mean, they can be, but that’s not what makes someone a high performer.   Anyone can become one by practicing a few important habits.  And it goes beyond working obsessed hours to be rich, or training 5-6 days a week and obsessed about your macros to get there.

Yes, it does involve balance.

“Well, Bailey, balance is for the weak,” the extremists may say.

No, balance is for the wise and the strong.  

And anyone can learn it. Read more on how to do so in this post.


adventure, performance, retreats, mountain biking in columbus



In those ten areas, adventures is ONE of them.  Your health is ONE of them.  Career is ONE of them.  Spirituality is ONE of them.

It’s done while maintaining, building, and deepening your well-being and relationships, not just your accomplishments.  What good is an accomplishment if you got a divorce in order to achieve it?

Maintain, build, and deepen your well-being and relationships at the same time. You don’t let them fade in order to improve your accomplishments.


mountain biking columbus, adventure, fun, retreats

Speaking of relationships.  I love that my friend Sandy invited me out and taught me how.   She showed me weight distribution on the bike when ascending and descending hills and features, when to stand and move bike left and right, how to brake, and how to not die when trying new things.

It was just downright good for my soul to experience this adventure and be in nature with such great company.





Do more things that are good for your soul.  Get out in nature. Go on adventures.  Pick up a new hobby.  Allow yourself to rest.  Deepen relationships.  These are all things that nourish our soul, renews our mind, and recharges our body.  You perform better when you do.

You need a good adventure.

It’s part of what helps you be a better person, thing clearly, enjoy life more, and deflate that balloon of yours that’s about to pop.



So, go do what I just made my husband do.

Go get lost.

He slept so hard that night and had so much peace to unplug like that.

I know people are afraid to travel or restricted to travel, but find something you can do that you feel safe about. Here are some ideas in this post here. 

Whether you drive two hours north to a light house and listen to waves, go wine tasting, build a fire, wander in the woods, just go.

Make it part of your recovery.  God told you to rest for a reason. Go do it, and do it regularly.



I want to hear what kind of adventures you like or want to do!  Tell me in the comments below!



Join me for upcoming retreats and events.  I’ll let you know dates and locations in upcoming newsletter below, along with tips on training, nutrition, and performance.  Retreats are part of your performance.  They help you slow down, be present, get lost, and be found. So sign up below and don’t miss a post.

Nutrition Basics to Lose Fat

Nutrition Basics to Lose Fat

It’s frustrating to know what the right thing to do with all the nutrition information in the world at our fingertips.  Agenda’s and belief systems fight to gain your trust, whether it’s for politics or for your health. Those with the largest following, biggest stage, and loudest megaphone will be there to pull you one way to the next.

I’m not any of those. Honestly, the loud ones annoy me the most!  They are quick to want to be understood, but don’t seek to understand what people truly want and need.

I’m in a professional certified nutrition group lead by one of the world’s most influential physicians in health and fitness.  Even the professionals in there argue to prove their points that are all over the spectrum, so I understand the chaos and confusion!


The truth is, nutrition is just in the beginning.  You’ll have registered dietitians and physicians sharing their evidence, but it is still developing and still evolving.  Eggs were bad for you. Now they are good. Fat is bad for you. Now it’s good. It’s good to be balanced.  But not that balanced. You need meat, but not that much meat.  Meat is bad, it kills the planet.  Keto was the only way she lost over 100 pounds and kept it off. Keto is so bad for you!

See? It’s confusing and conflicting.

You will find evidence and research to support anything you want to do, but what matters is what is working for you, and working with a doctor who has a deeper understanding of your health.

It’s just the beginning.  Things are changing and expect new research.

nutrition, protein, how to lose body fat


If there is one thing that is consistent across the board, whether you decide to be vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or carnivore, is having high protein. The only time higher protein is not necessary for fat loss, is with the keto diet. However, keto can be lower protein, mostly fat, and hardly any carbs at all.  It depends on what fits your lifestyle, your health, and with guidance of your doctor.

Research shows sedentary people need .3 grams of protein per pound of body weight while athletes can use .8 up to 1 or more per pound of bodyweight. Have you ever logged into to see how much food that is?

Try having 3-4 meals centered around a protein.  After that, you add in your vegetables, only a thumb size of fat, and a cupped handful of carbs. If hungry, add more protein or vegetables.  Still hungry, add another thumb size of fat.

A great testimony of this is Chad.  He came to me asking about losing weight but couldn’t get into the gym just yet.  This one simple habit change of centering meals around protein was enough to lose 8 pounds in just one week.   He didn’t even work out yet.

PROTEIN EXAMPLES: Lean meat, fish, ground chicken/turkey/beef, eggs, protein shakes, nitrate free deli meat, grass fed beef, greek yogurt


diet, fat loss, healthy diet




After choosing your protein, whether it’s meat, plant based protein, or protein shake, fill up on a rainbow of vegetables. If you are like me and don’t have time for that, then have vegetables already prepared in the fridge to grab, or use frozen vegetables. The fiber is great plus helps you feel full.

Roast, steam, sauté, grill, raw, or microwave.

fat loss, diet, nutrition, vegetables



Where most people get caught up is the carbs.  They are not bad for you, but you still need to be mindful of them.  Most of us grew up having a plate full of spaghetti, lasagna, breads, pastas, sandwiches, pastries, etc.  They are all delicious and yummy, but it needs to be a smaller portion.  Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition recommends women have one cupped handful of carbs with each meal, and men can double it.

You’ll have 3-4 meals of your protein, vegetable, carb, and fat, you can tweak according to your goals.

For me, I simply don’t respond well to carbs at all, so I only have two portions of carbs per day.  I’ll have one about an hour before I workout, and another about 45 to 60 minutes after I workout. If I want to put on more muscle, I’ll even DRINK carbs while I’m lifting weights.

Don’t think of your carb as the center of your meal, but think of it more like a side dish. You still get carbs, it’s just not your focus, protein and vegetables are.

P.S. I also count fruit as a carb.

CARB EXAMPLES:  whole grains and pastas, rice, sprouted bread, fruit, old fashioned oatmeal

diet, carbs, fat loss, weight loss



God created animals with fat.  Fat actually helps us digest protein better.  They are supposed to go together!  So when you have your meal centered around your protein, have a thumb size of fat to help the digestion.

You have a thumb to measure your fat with each meal, a built in measuring tool!  Now, if I eat a fattier meat like a roast, then I might not have as much fat as I would with a leaner meat or a protein shake.

By the way, what is so addicting about pistachios? Every time I want to just grab a small handful of them, I end up bringing out the entire container. Just one more.  One more. Ok, this one is really the last one. Aw what the heck, I’ll take a few more…

FAT EXAMPLES: Good fats are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, nut butters, nuts, ghee, MCT oil, fish oil, and grass-fed butter.

good fats, diet, healthy life


FOOD ALLERGIES:  Research shows one in three people have some sort of food allergy or intolerance, which can increase inflammation in your body.  Things seem to work slow, your mind can be foggy, low energy, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and sometimes even causing joint pain.

I got blood tested to find out why I’ve been so tired and lethargic, and found out I’m intolerant to my protein sources and can’t touch gluten. Within 24 hours I felt amazing simply by not eating the foods I didn’t realize were inflaming my body.  It was like taking the wrench out of the gears.

But it’s good to go through testing to discover what you may be sensitive or intolerant to.  I do blood tests with my doctor regularly, and interesting enough, the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet was strangely accurate to my blood work.  I can’t say that all the blood types are accurate for everyone because I only looked at mine, but I was shocked to see both results were the same.

CANDIDA EPIDEMIC: In a nutshell, sugar is in everything and another reason I try to eat Whole30-ish. Sugar feeds yeast in your body that is believed to be a root cause of many health issues according to Ann Boroch, CNC, who wrote the Candida Cure.

Sugar also feeds free radicals that promote premature aging according to Dr. Perricone in The Wrinkle Cure.  It’s hard to feel your best when you are full of inflammation.

Eliminate what inflames you, and instead fuel your mind and body.


home workout gear, working out from home



Nutrition is still new and evolving, and that’s exciting!  But what we do know now is having higher protein is the first step.  As Dr. John Berardi shared, to have a protein the size of your palm, vegetables the size of two fists, a cupped handful of carbs, and one thumb size of a fat for each meal (guys can double), for 2-3 meals.  That simple change of centering your meals around protein can be a game changer, whether you are vegan or carnivore.

Keep that up and you’ll eventually hit a plateau, but that’s a good thing.  Plateau’s are meant to be hit and that’s when you get to the next level. And then the next level after that.

Even the most elite athletes hit plateaus and need adjustments and tweaking, so don’t be discouraged.  Each day is an opportunity to be 1% better than you were yesterday, and to give yourself grace when you weren’t.

See more nutrition posts here.



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