Known for Best Deep Tissue Massage in Columbus: Bátor Studios Partners with The Club at Corazón

Known for Best Deep Tissue Massage in Columbus: Bátor Studios Partners with The Club at Corazón


best massage in columbus, Dublin ohio


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with The Club at Corazón in Dublin!

It’s gorgeous and has it all.  We love the new change, and so far everyone else does too.

And so will you.

Waterfalls, vineyard, beautiful lobby, Tuscan style building, with gorgeous gardens and pools. Your Deep Tissue and Sports Massage appointments take place in our newly remodeled rustic European spa.

When you are here, you will feel like you are on vacation… except you are still in Dublin and didn’t need to board a flight.

It’s much closer than you think to go somewhere your body and soul needs to recharge.

Bator studios partners with the club at Corazon



I couldn’t pass this opportunity to relocate our privately owned massage studio. Although we have been based in Grandview Heights for over eight years, I intended to stay in that area.

At least, until I found The Club at Corazón.

“How did you even find this place?” Is pretty much what every single person has asked us when they come in for their Deep Tissue Massage.

“What IS this place?!? This building is so gorgeous, it’s something that should be in Arizona or Miami! But it’s right here in Dublin! I didn’t even know this was here!” One of our regular clients shared.

And that’s why we relocated and partnered with Corazón.

Schedule a massage with us and experience all the club has to offer, too.

You don’t have to be a member to schedule your massage, but if you’d like to stay the day and enjoy the fitness center and take a class or two, swim some laps or just relax in the hot tub and steam room, it’s only $10 dollars more for a full day pass!

Dublin deep tissue massage


For over 15 years, I wanted to lead retreats and events, to help people on their transformational journey’s.  I’m a visionary, but not the greatest at details and logistics, which kept me from committing.

The pandemic motivated me to start the retreats, even with the lockdowns and restrictions.

My heart broke seeing depression and suicide rates skyrocket.  Community and activities are crucial to a person’s overall well-being.  If I had a way I could help someone and their families, it would be this.

Bátor Studios Dublin, Ohio


We weren’t created to be isolated and we are seeing the damage of that.  What people have been going through is absolutely inhumane. I know I’m only one person, but if I could help this world be a better place, this would be it.

However, there are even more people that are secretly depressed and looking for a way to feel better, to be in community again, to have something to look forward to, and to increase their overall well-being… safely.

I got off my 15 year procrastination and started researching local venues around Columbus to host my first (small and safe, of course) event.

That’s how I found The Club at Corazón and fell in love.

Instead of just doing retreats and events….. I moved in!

columbus, ohio, Dublin ohio, best massage in Dublin



Although featured The Best of Wedding Venues on The Knot, it offers so much more.

I saw everything of how I wanted to help people from massage, fitness, self-care, and the resort feeling for retreats.  They have fitness classes, fully equipped gym, yoga, indoor and outdoor pools, clay tennis courts, hot tubs, steam rooms, gorgeous locker rooms, a bar, and a restaurant.

And now they have us.

The club is known for being the best kept secret of Columbus, but it shouldn’t be a secret.  More people need to know about it and take advantage of having something this beautiful so close.

“It’s like being on vacation, but you’re home,” Nate Traucht, the Fitness Director of the Club stated.

And he’s right.

best spa in Dublin ohio

best spa in Dublin ohio



Your well-being is vital.

And we believe that with you and for you.   Massage can help that vitality because it is a form of self-care on many levels physically, mentally, and emotionally. Just being able to get away and have a moment set aside to get a massage sets the intention that you are worth it.

Your mind, body, and soul need it.  There’s no doubt about it.  It’s a very important way to increase your well-being.

And while you are at it, feel like you are on vacation, too.





The Best Deep Tissue Massage that You Will Love and Hate All at the Same Time

The Best Deep Tissue Massage that You Will Love and Hate All at the Same Time

“It was hard for me to realize that I’m just not for everyone, but I’m not,” Paulette stated as she stripped the muscles of my forearm.

Oh my gosh, I needed it badly but wanted to maybe cry at the same time.

I cringed and whimpered on the massage table. This wasn’t a relaxing massage, but I wasn’t looking for one either. I wanted deep work which is hard to find.

Paulette has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Ohio for twelve years now, and gaining popularity quickly by massage-seekers who just can’t find someone who can get deep enough.

However, you can stop looking when you meet Paulette.


Deep Tissue Massage, deep tissue massage in columbus, columbus massage, best massage, best deep tissue massage, best sports massage


In fact, many people say they have to ask her to lighten up.  Her pressure surprises people, since 100% of our clients state they’ve had massages all over the city, state, United States, or even the world and nobody seems to use deep enough pressure.  Once they schedule with Paulette, they don’t care to keep looking for someone else.

“I’ve gotten so many massages where it has wasted my time and money, because the therapist says they do deep work, and it’s not deep at all.  You guys (Bátor Studios) are the only ones who can.”  Is a common statement our clients at Bátor Studios say.

Paulette has a powerful touch that many athletes and high performing professionals crave for relief, recovery, and performance.  It’s intense, and not for someone who just wants a fluff-n-buff massage.


Deep Tissue Massage, Neck Pain, Migraines, Sports Massage, Best Deep Tissue Massage in Columbus Ohio



“I need to actually feel what I’m working on.  If someone wants a lighter massage, I just can’t feel it.  To do what I do, I need to be able to feel it,” said Paulette.

It’s why people who love Deep Tissue and Sports Massage line up for her intense strength as a therapist.

It helps to improve circulation, flexibility and range of motion with our Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. It releases tension, breaks down scar tissue or adhesions which allow muscles to glide as they should. Targeted for your sport to aid in recovery and performance.

“Paulette does the best deep tissue I’ve ever had! Intense. You’ll feel like a different person after.” – Jesse 



best deep tissue massage in Columbus Ohio, sports massage in Columbus Ohio, sports massage columbus

sports massage Columbus Ohio, best deep tissue massage Columbus Ohio


Cupping is a great add-on you can combine with your massage or have done completely by itself.  While Oriental Medicine shares that Cupping helps pull out the toxins and tension from your body, I appreciate more of the physiological aspect of it.

We all have a layer of fascia on our body. It’s like plastic wrap that can get so tight and rigid, that it inhibits muscular movement underneath it. I love cupping because it’s slowly breaking up the restricted fascia so it can finally breathe and move again.  95% of the clients that try cupping with their massage state they feel better results using both vs just massage alone.

When you have cupping added on to your massage, or have it done alone, it creates a soothing suction on the surface of the body that reaches deep into the tissues and quickly produces results. Cupping helps with decreasing pain and inflammation, while increasing mobility, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being.

Cupping Therapy, cupping and massage therapy, best massage with cupping

cupping therapy with deep tissue, best massage of Columbus Ohio, sports massage, deep tissue massage


Many of our clients are athletes, physicians, surgeons, nurses, and lawyers that all have great demands physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are intentional to get the self-care that they need to be able to continue recovering and performing at such a high level.

It helps them deal with aches and pains from training, leaning over patients all day, or hunching over their desks.

You get that annoying knot out, you can move better, and the tension melts.  *SIGH*




It’s important unplug from your demanding day to get recharged.  Massages can be a big part of that self-care.  It helps you move better, feel better, recharge your mind, and create space in your mind where you leave work at work while you lay on the massage table. When you do, you can think clearly and perform higher.

How you treat your mind, is usually how one treats their body as well.  

Massage is great for both.

And when you take care of yourself like that, you perform higher in your overall well-being, relationships, and performance. You can even gain a greater sense of joy. It’s a holistic approach.

See More Posts on Overall Performance Here.


sports massage Columbus Ohio, deep tissue massage, best deep tissue massage in columbus



It’s important to discover what you like.  I think of massage like dating because each massage is a chance to learn a little bit more of what you like and don’t like. What to do more of or less of.

But Paulette is still deep.  Her style is intensely therapeutic. You may cringe a little as she digs out tension, tightness, and knots, but breathe through and give her feedback if you need a little less.

It’s deep tissue and sports massage that many people have been looking for, but not everyone can handle it, and that’s ok.  Athletes love her.  People who want all the tension and pain dug out love her.  People who travel the world looking for deeper pressure absolutely love her.

She will find the knots and tension you didn’t know you had. You’ll cringe, you’ll sigh, and you might even cuss.

“Paulette is amazing! I’ve tried several massage therapists before being wow-ed by the deep tissue massage from Paulette! I definitely have a “no pain, no gain” attitude which you need for deep tissue. I’ve been going for almost two years now and always look forward to my next visit!” – Meryl



Bátor Studios is located in Grandview Heights right around the corner of OSU Medical Center.  Schedule online today!




How to Get the Best Deep Tissue Massage You Have Ever Had

How to Get the Best Deep Tissue Massage You Have Ever Had


best massage in columbus, columbus massage, deep tissue massage in columbus,



We aim to give you the best massage you have ever had.  In order to do that, we need to find out what your favorite massages have been, or the least favorite if you’ve had one.  That way we can customize your experience to give you our very best.



Did you know that your self-care can be directly related to your recovery and performance? Not just for athletes, but for all of us.  It’s a form of self-care to help you unplug, give space in your mind to heal, and come out relaxed, renewed, and restored.  With that comes clarity and greater focus mentally to help you perform better in your field.

Whether you are an athlete, lawyer with high expectations, physician leaning over patients, stressed out stay-at-home-parents, and professionals.

To perform well, you need to think well. You can’t think well if you are constantly slammed with stress and ready to pop.

Include massage, other self-care practices, and little getaways to help your mind unplug and come back to reality with amazing clarity.  That was the heart and soul behind the creation of our massage video and why it is directly related to your performance.

Don’t just get any massage though, get the best massage. Get out that tension, manage that stress, unplug and renew your mind, and have the clarity, perspective, and energy for your best performance.


The biggest complaint we hear is that customers have gotten massages all over the city, and even all around the world, to discover it was always disappointing because nobody uses enough pressure on them and was a waste of time and money.

“It seems nobody can get deep enough, or the massage therapist keeps rolling over the knot instead of actually getting it out,” is a very common response when we ask our clients about their past massages.

See, people just want to feel better, not just have lotion smeared all over them.

So if you are wanting a tried and true Deep Tissue Massage, this is how you can get the best massage you have ever had:



Unfortunately, many will claim that they can, but you will end up being even more disappointed once they get on the massage table. Ask around for reviews and testimonials before taking the word of the front desk.

If you don’t want deeper work, then this shouldn’t apply to you, but finding a massage therapist that gives you your perfect pressure is still important, even if it is on the lighter side.


You don’t necessarily have to get this done, but if you know a therapist can at least do some kind of Trigger Point, they should be able to use a little more pressure than the typical Deep Tissue Massage.

I like to explain Trigger Point  like holding a pressure point to where it’s uncomfortable just in the beginning, but then it releases and feels aaahhhhh-mazing! In most cases, that’s what people want.  They want that tension out even if it means a window of discomfort that leads to the relief they have been craving.


Therapists try to be as intuitive as possible but when it comes to Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.  We want to make it as perfect as absolutely possible for you. Your therapist should be asking plenty to ensure the pressure they are using is PERFECT for you. If not, please ask or guide your therapist.


Every single person is absolutely unique, so your massage should be too.

While your therapist should be doing their absolute best to dial in to find your perfect pressure, we are all still human and can use your guidance to make it even better.  Sometimes I’ll ask, “What would make this absolutely perfect for you?  A tad more pressure? Or less?”

You can even say, “Definitely not any more pressure please….”  or “can you add a little bit more pressure to that one spot you just went over?”

Or, “Hey! I loved your forearm on my back! Can you do that one again?”  Help us make it as perfect of a massage as possible for you.


If you aren’t getting the pressure you need after your therapist informed you she or he ‘could’ do Deep Tissue, ask if they can try their elbow instead. Or if the elbow is too much, don’t hesitate to say, “ok ok maybe that’s a little too much….”

While most therapists don’t believe in using deeper work, it’s why people come to us instead… and stay with us.  It’s what clients want and need.  Majority confess they’ve gotten massages all over the world and has been a waste of money and time because they were told the therapist could do deep work and was left disappointed and just lotion smeared over them informed ‘you don’t need deeper.’



Now being that I’ve worked on numerous professional athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, extreme athletes, and fitness professionals, it’s surprising that the ones that ask for the most pressure, are usually the ones who have a difficult time relaxing their mind.

The Type-A personality has the tendency to want to control everything.  These types of massage sessions usually involve more mental coaching and guided meditation techniques to help quiet their mind.

I can easily be using the hardest pressure but they are still asking for more.  However, they are asking for even harder pressure while they are flexing and or tensing every muscle in their body and holding their arms up in the air. It becomes more of a mental game and not-so-much physical anymore.

So if this is you, try meditation every day and different forms of relaxation to train your mind to relax.  Especially if you want to get a good massage!



The majority of the clients we work on, they absolutely love the “it hurts soooo good!” feeling of the Deep Tissue.  Especially when you are suffering aches and pains for the longest time and JUST WANT RELIEF.  It just hurts so good!

But any pressure beyond that is not recommended, which is why its so important to have that great communication with your therapist to find the pressure and even techniques that are perfect for you!


massage in columbus ohio, deep tissue massage, sports massage, columbus massage, sports massage



Remember above when I said if it goes beyond that ‘hurts so good’ feeling? That’s probably too much.  Even that ‘hurt so good’ pressure might be a little much for some and it is a matter of communication to find the perfect pressure that you are comfortable with and can breathe through without tensing up.

On intake forms, we ask if you are on pain medication because if you did take something, you can’t necessarily feel how much pressure we are using during the massage and makes it much more difficult to gauge.

If you can’t breathe through it and have to tense up through it, it’s probably too much.


You know that feeling of crawling into your own bed after a long day to finally fall asleep? You should have that same feeling when crawling onto your massage table.  Too warm? Too cold? Could use another blanket or adjust the table warmer? Music too loud or want a different station?

Your therapist should make sure you are comfortable with the temperature and music, but say something if not. This is your time to be as cozy and relaxed as possible…. even if you are getting Sports Massage or Deep Tissue.


massage in columbus ohio, deep tissue massage, sports massage, columbus massage, sports massage, pain management, stress management


I love seeing clients on a regular basis.  It’s almost like dating when you get to know someone more, and the things that they love or could do without.  You know, like realizing they hate mushrooms on their pizza? I learn to not get mushrooms on the pizza!

Since we do have a lot of athletes, we tailor the sessions for their sport performance and recovery, plus find the techniques that they love most so they can still relax at the same time.

Or if you are stuck at a desk all day and get those achy traps and neck pain? Sometimes I’ll massage someone’s neck while sitting in a chair, and then massage again once they are on the table so we can help relieve their neck in different muscular angles.

And somedays, you may feel like in the mood where you just want to relax and that you don’t want the deeper work this time and that’s ok too.  I remember this NFL player that I worked on, on a regular basis had a lot on his mind.  He put his head down, looked up, and said, “You know, I think I just need to relax today.”

Afterward, he was like a new man. His eyes lit up and said, “Wow, that was by FAR the best massage I’ve had yet!”

Each session can and should be totally customized uniquely to YOU.



Deep Tissue does get a little deeper than a Swedish or Relaxation Massage.  It is a therapeutic art and science to help you heal, recover, and perform your best.

Do you know that feeling of working out for the first time in a long time and then you are sore the next day?  This could be a possibility of a Deep Tissue Massage. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but can be expected.

I have found most people I work on love to be able to feel the next day they had great bodywork done.  Sometimes that can be the combination of really great relief and a really great workout! #winning

It takes a few sessions for your mind and body to acclimate to the pressure, just as it takes a few workouts or so to build up your intensity.

That’s one reason it is best to get a great massage on a regular basis.  The more regular you receive them, the more benefits you experience from them.

massage in columbus ohio, deep tissue massage, sports massage, columbus massage, sports massage


Hope this article helps you to get the very best massage! And that each one should get better! If in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can schedule with us.  We would love to ease your aches and pains! Schedule online at Bátor Studios, right around the corner from OSU Medical Center.

We offer:

    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Sports Massage
    • Prenatal Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Cupping Therapy
    • Online Courses
    • Strength Training and Nutrition Programs
    • Massage Mentoring Program for Massage Therapists



Have you experienced something like this where you signed up for deep tissue and it wasn’t deep at all? Tell us in the comments!


How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Life

How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Life

Last night I was cleaning out the bathtub and putting my two-year old’s bath toys in the basket.  She came next to me, placed her hands on the side of the tub, and watched as I squeezed the extra water from floating around inside the toys.

When we don’t do that, the mold seems to grow faster, destroys the toys, and makes for a disgusting bath time.  As she watched me squeeze, she grabbed one for herself.

By the way, when someone says a child is too young to understand what’s going on, that’s a lie.  They absolutely, positively, know, and feel it. It becomes a part of their critical development of their own childhood and who they become as an adult.  So this is all good to remember that when we are talking to people a certain way, treating animals a certain way, and especially the way we love and respect our spouse;  they see and absorb it all.

I’m far from being a perfect parent, but I at least want to example a kind and loving human being.

So she squeezed the toys with me, slowly cleaning out the tub and bath toys.  You see, when you let water stay inside, it becomes stagnant, inviting bacteria and mold.  I was totally grossed out when mold leaked from a toy during one bath time, and she was surrounded by slimy patches of gooey mold. Gross, right?

The Revelation

The same thing happens to us when we ignore stagnation or anything toxic within us.  It could be something like guilt, shame, depression, fear of failure, doubt, unforgiveness, bitterness, lust, self-hate, jealousy, envy… it’s all stuff that becomes mold.

They seem so petty and harmless, right?  But no. They grow like a cancer. We become a breeding ground for toxic growth and eat away at us from the inside out.

When we carry around unforgiveness, it will mold and destroy our insides, float around in our minds, thoughts, actions, and our physical bodies.  The mold continues to grow and destroy relationships, families, and dreams. Yet, we say it’s not that big of a deal.

If you want something as simple as happiness, this stuff still needs to be dealt with.

Just like that little bath toy that released all the slimy goo throughout the entire tub, it does the same to our lives.

Life as a Massage Therapist

As a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly 20 years, I see and touch the bodies that have carried the guilt, pride, trauma, and other negative emotions and pressures I talked about above.  It’s not just some little part of our brain that we shush into a corner and hopes to go away, but it oozes into our thoughts, our posture, our muscle memory, and can thus create long-lasting pain and discomfort that when left untreated, causes even more damage.

We need to be regularly cleansed, purified, and renewed for the sake of our health mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, and relationally. I mean, ALL THE WAYS.

Spending most of my life in the church, it is often taken out of context what it means to live purely.  Most interpret this to keep it in your pants and to keep your legs crossed. But what people are really missing here is how deep the need for purity really is.

We need purity to thrive at our best and God wants that for us.

It isn’t just a sexual thing, don’t you see?  We are being blinded even more so to think it is. Completely blinded.

Get Rid of Your Toxin

If you want the most for this life and for what God has for you, you need a pure heart and a pure mind to get that crap out of the way.  Simple as that. It’s bacteria, mold, and cancer that destroys you from the inside out. And we are fools to think we can ignore it, compartmentalize it, or contain it, because it’s a disease that eats through all the barriers you try to put up.

We really are a breeding ground for such destruction, but even a better breeding ground for faith. It depends on what we choose.

Anyone can act like they have it all together and hide and shush the doubt, fear, lack of belief, trauma, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, lust, greed, idols….. Should I keep listing?

We all have something, just pick one and deal with it. And we each have enough to keep ourselves busy, that there is no need to point something out in another. We each have enough to work on.

So if there is anything toxic within you taking you away from the life you should have, be done with it.  Lay it down at the cross, and don’t you dare pick it back up.  Instead, be a breeding ground of faith.

Pausing to Pray and Reflect

Not going to lie.  I had already published this post and then stopped to pray and ask God to show me where there was any other mold, toxin, or cancer in my life.  And it couldn’t have been any louder to hear that my mold is that I care waayyyy to much of what people think.  So excuse me while I go work on what holds me back to live the life I know God has for me.

Hope you take some time to pray and reflect, too.  It’s good for the soul, and we could use some good souls around the world. Be one of them.




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