How to Live a Full Life Without Popping from Stress

How to Live a Full Life Without Popping from Stress

She picked up the red balloon and we went outside to play. We laughed as we would hit the balloon as high as we could but tried to not let it hit the ground. Kind of felt like my old volleyball days, except much slower!

We lunged closer to the grass as we chased the balloon.

The balloon hit a blade of grass and that’s all it took to pop.

My three year old was startled and cried, but thankfully I had a bag of birthday balloons. I blew up another one to keep the game going.


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The more I filled the balloon, the thinner it became, and easier it was to pop.

“Wow, that balloon is so much like me right now!”

If only we didn’t feel the need to fill it as full as it could possibly be. How about deflate the balloon a little bit and get some more playtime?

Imagine if we lived life like that. Imagine living with more space in our minds, instead it being completely occupied like that bursting balloon.


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If you are, no judgement. I get it.

I find myself there often, and am sensitive enough to reevaluate before I am the one popping! Right?

Deflate a little.  Just a little.

Get some more headspace.

Take off some pressure.

Laugh a little more.

Be a little less intense.

Practice gratitude and lower your stress levels.


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We don’t anticipate stress.  It hits us out of nowhere. We sign up for things all while juggling life and putting out fires all day.  We think we are in a ‘good place’ when we take some things off our plate, but immediately replace it with something else. I am soooo guilty of that!

While I am not asking you to be a beach bum with no dreams or goals, I am challenging your balloon blowing flexibility. You don’t want to pop, but you also don’t want to completely give up either and be some weak blubbery balloon flailing in the wind either.

The balloon needs to deflate just a little.  Your mind and life needs a little headspace or a little wiggle room, or else you will pop with the slightest prick.

I mainly work with people who want the most out of life, as do I!  Those kind of people aren’t interested in sitting on the couch for hours every day.  They WANT their balloon as full as possible while still enjoying it.  They want to fly high, have perspective from above, and not stress about a simple thing popping them. It’s a fine line sometimes.

I know because that’s me, too and there isn’t anything wrong with that… except the popping part.


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All photos from this post are by Staley.



I just want to say, YES YOU CAN.

I get it, you want to do all the things.  You want to be successful, happy, strong, healthy, spiritual, in love, etc, etc.

It’s a constant balancing act that can have you stressed out to the max. You can feel like that over-inflated balloon ready to pop.

It’s time to revaluate and maybe be a little less intense, and a whole lot more joy. Heck yes.


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When you keep piling on the stress, and seeing how far you can stretch that balloon, it’s not going to take much to pop it at all. Rest, retreats, exercise, massage, morning routines, meditation, prayer, and other self-care forms are crucial to balancing your balloon.

I recently shared in this post how I went on a simple drive to reset my mind.  Having moments like that allow your mind to heal and breathe.  It gives yourself some space to perform better.  Pushing hard without recovery time will leave you as one miserably injured athlete, one overworked business man who isn’t performing like he used to, on his way to awful health repercussions, intense personality, and weaker relationships because of it.

So if you want to get back in the game to live life to the fullest, and without popping from stress, you need a more holistic perspective.

A more holistic perspective that the highest performers from around the world have a few practices that help them become that way.

(They weren’t born like that, it didn’t just plop down on their laps, and it was not overnight success.  Only bitter and jealous hearts say that.  If that’s you, clean that toxic crap out right now before it pulls you down any further.  Read How to Deal With Toxins Here and deal with ASAP.)




What if you laid off the intensity of that balloon?  What if it wasn’t stretch too thin?

Would you enjoy life a little more? Be a little less intense? Maybe not on the verge of popping at the next thing?

Revaluate like the highest performers around the world do by checking in on your ten main areas of your life.

Coming from the fitness industry, I’ve watched people become obsessed and swallowed up by their own obsession, that their other areas dried up.  What good is a fit body if you have miserable relationships and hate your career?  What good is obsessing about your macros and calories if your marriage dissolves while your face was crammed in your phone calculating every morsel, and your kid grew up by the time you looked away from your phone.  This is why I teach and coach people how to get fit without obsessing over it.

Being a maxed out balloon really hurts… when it meets a single blade of grass and explodes.

The truth really freaking hurts sometimes, but you can always reevaluate.


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The highest performers around the world look at ten main areas of their life.  It’s not just financial.  It’s not just fitness either.

There are TEN.

To deflate the intensity of your balloon a little, look at all ten areas.

“Now, Bailey, that stresses me out even more to think I have to reevaluate TEN areas,” you are thinking?

No, don’t think of it that way.  Don’t think of it as another thing to do, or another thing to add to your list that you just don’t have time for.  This is stuff that increases your overall wellness, health, success, performance, and JOY.

You perform higher when you do things like that.

Stress levels decrease.

Happiness increases.

All good things, right?

Your balloon can be a little less intense. You aren’t so easy to pop whether you are by yourself, with your team, wife, kids, or on social media. (Hello, keyboard cowboys, that means you!)


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  1. Health
  2. Mission/Work
  3. Marriage/Intimate Partner
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Finances
  7. Adventure
  8. Hobby
  9. Spirituality
  10. Emotional Intelligence




Author and the worlds leading high performance coach, Brendon Buchard who works with celebrities, executives, and Olympians are all challenged with these 10 areas.  You can be so focused on your work, that you’ve lost meaning in it, at least, until you look at all 10 areas again.

You have perhaps forgotten the importance of adventure or learning a new hobby. Your spirituality has maybe been dimmed a little.  Your marriage isn’t as healthy as it could be.

However, when you look at these ten areas, Buchard encourages everyone he works with, to rate their joy in each area every single Sunday. Not only rate it, but make goals in each area to increase the joy.

Do you know what joy can do?

It can help soften that intense balloon of yours so you can finally enjoy the game without life passing you by. You won’t be so easily popped.  It’s a weight off your shoulders.  It’s a feeling of lightness where that balloon can stay afloat and enjoy the ride a little more.

So before you pop, revaluate your ten areas! If it’s easier to do this in person, stay in contact for future events and retreats.



For more in depth study of the high performance life, check out my master course. See what other professionals are saying. I’d love to guide you through it in more detail. You’ll get more guidance and enjoy it more. Let’s do this!



So what about you? Of those ten areas, which one do you think you have the highest amount of joy in? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Life

How to Get Rid of Toxins in Your Life

Last night I was cleaning out the bathtub and putting my two-year old’s bath toys in the basket.  She came next to me, placed her hands on the side of the tub, and watched as I squeezed the extra water from floating around inside the toys.

When we don’t do that, the mold seems to grow faster, destroys the toys, and makes for a disgusting bath time.  As she watched me squeeze, she grabbed one for herself.

By the way, when someone says a child is too young to understand what’s going on, that’s a lie.  They absolutely, positively, know, and feel it. It becomes a part of their critical development of their own childhood and who they become as an adult.  So this is all good to remember that when we are talking to people a certain way, treating animals a certain way, and especially the way we love and respect our spouse;  they see and absorb it all.

I’m far from being a perfect parent, but I at least want to example a kind and loving human being.

So she squeezed the toys with me, slowly cleaning out the tub and bath toys.  You see, when you let water stay inside, it becomes stagnant, inviting bacteria and mold.  I was totally grossed out when mold leaked from a toy during one bath time, and she was surrounded by slimy patches of gooey mold. Gross, right?

The Revelation

The same thing happens to us when we ignore stagnation or anything toxic within us.  It could be something like guilt, shame, depression, fear of failure, doubt, unforgiveness, bitterness, lust, self-hate, jealousy, envy… it’s all stuff that becomes mold.

They seem so petty and harmless, right?  But no. They grow like a cancer. We become a breeding ground for toxic growth and eat away at us from the inside out.

When we carry around unforgiveness, it will mold and destroy our insides, float around in our minds, thoughts, actions, and our physical bodies.  The mold continues to grow and destroy relationships, families, and dreams. Yet, we say it’s not that big of a deal.

If you want something as simple as happiness, this stuff still needs to be dealt with.

Just like that little bath toy that released all the slimy goo throughout the entire tub, it does the same to our lives.

Life as a Massage Therapist

As a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly 20 years, I see and touch the bodies that have carried the guilt, pride, trauma, and other negative emotions and pressures I talked about above.  It’s not just some little part of our brain that we shush into a corner and hopes to go away, but it oozes into our thoughts, our posture, our muscle memory, and can thus create long-lasting pain and discomfort that when left untreated, causes even more damage.

We need to be regularly cleansed, purified, and renewed for the sake of our health mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, and relationally. I mean, ALL THE WAYS.

Spending most of my life in the church, it is often taken out of context what it means to live purely.  Most interpret this to keep it in your pants and to keep your legs crossed. But what people are really missing here is how deep the need for purity really is.

We need purity to thrive at our best and God wants that for us.

It isn’t just a sexual thing, don’t you see?  We are being blinded even more so to think it is. Completely blinded.

Get Rid of Your Toxin

If you want the most for this life and for what God has for you, you need a pure heart and a pure mind to get that crap out of the way.  Simple as that. It’s bacteria, mold, and cancer that destroys you from the inside out. And we are fools to think we can ignore it, compartmentalize it, or contain it, because it’s a disease that eats through all the barriers you try to put up.

We really are a breeding ground for such destruction, but even a better breeding ground for faith. It depends on what we choose.

Anyone can act like they have it all together and hide and shush the doubt, fear, lack of belief, trauma, bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, lust, greed, idols….. Should I keep listing?

We all have something, just pick one and deal with it. And we each have enough to keep ourselves busy, that there is no need to point something out in another. We each have enough to work on.

So if there is anything toxic within you taking you away from the life you should have, be done with it.  Lay it down at the cross, and don’t you dare pick it back up.  Instead, be a breeding ground of faith.

Pausing to Pray and Reflect

Not going to lie.  I had already published this post and then stopped to pray and ask God to show me where there was any other mold, toxin, or cancer in my life.  And it couldn’t have been any louder to hear that my mold is that I care waayyyy to much of what people think.  So excuse me while I go work on what holds me back to live the life I know God has for me.

Hope you take some time to pray and reflect, too.  It’s good for the soul, and we could use some good souls around the world. Be one of them.




The Best Time to Use Heat and Ice

The Best Time to Use Heat and Ice

Have you had those acute or chronic pains where you wondered if it was better to use heat or ice?

It seems like doctors all have something to say, and it’s not consistent across the board of when the best times to heat or ice is. In my experience, one doctor recommended one way, while another recommended another.

The advice I like most is to do what works best for you. If you feel better with heat, then use heat. If you feel better with ice, then use ice.

Unless it’s an acute injury like a sprain, where it’s crucial to use ice in that first day or two.

I prefer heat if needed, but today was a different story.




Today I could barely walk.

It’s been almost ten years since crushing both of my ankles on my snowboarding tour. I had to learn to walk again with a crane lowering me into a swimming pool.

Training for shows was a part of rehabbing my ankles, however, they’ve never gotten to 100% again. It’s a big reason I don’t do any running or high impact.

Every morning I have ankle stiffness and limp for a while until they are both loosened up, they didn’t loosen up today.

Each step was really painful. Like… really painful. That’s when I decided to fill a bucket with ice water for an ice bath.  Not a fan.


when to use heat and ice





You can try alternating heat and ice. That’s what I do for my hands. Being a Massage Therapist doing Deep Tissue and Sports Massage for 20 years now, my hands easily get inflamed, so I alternate heat and ice, which is really comforting and healing.  It doesn’t necessarily correct the deeper problem, but it definitely helps.  Professional athletes I work with do this religiously as part of their training as well.


I keep a paraffin bath always waiting for a heat treatment and can follow up with ice mittens. Mine is a Homedics paraffin bath that my mom passed down to me.  We’ve been using it for almost 30 years! The thing still works! I simply hold my hands in the hot paraffin wax for a few minutes, and leave on the paraffin for another 5 to 10 minutes. You can also use it for your feet and elbows, softening your skin at the same time.

To use ice, I keep Elastogel Hand Mittens in the freezer to ice my hands after a long day of doing Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Sports Massage.  They have a protective lining so the ice is not directly on your skin, so it’s easier to use. I wish I had the one shaped for my ankle before I painfully stuck my foot in ice water.  The elastogel’s are so much nicer for wimps to the cold like me!

You can even pop them in the microwave for heat therapy as well! They are heat and ice therapy packs shaped for practically any part of the body such as ankles, knees, shoulders, hands, wrists, back, feet, and neck.

Like I said, I have some in the shape of mittens for my sore hands and love them, but they have basic velcro ice and heat wraps too.  I use those during Sports Massage sessions if needed to help an athlete recover.


best time to use ice and heat





While wimping out every 5 seconds my ankle was submerged, I remembered a conversation with Corey Southers, a doctor of Physical Therapy about heat and ice.

Dr. Corey said, “Over the years, we have come to find that ice is really only effective in the very acute stages of an injury to “take the edge off” of the pain. Once we get out of that first 24-48 hours, you want to back away from the ice, as it is likely SLOWING DOWN the healing process. The body has a very, very effective inflammatory process – which it needs to go through in order to heal something that is injured or irritated. It is very likely that ice slows down that response, which isn’t a good thing – we WANT the body systems to go through that response to take care of the problem.”

Too much ice can slow down your body’s natural response to heal.





Well, then, can heat help?

Dr. Corey said, “Maybe – but I’m not necessarily a fan of heating pads either. Are they going to hurt anything? Very unlikely. BUT, is the heat generated internally by the movement of the muscles and movement of the fluids of the body a much better solution? Absolutely. Long story short – you need to MOVE.”


physical therapy in Columbus Ohio, heat and ice

Dr Corey Southers getting in a little workout.



He said, “Movement generates heat in those tissues which can help with the healing process and improve the nutrition to the tissues (as well as clearing out waste products from the inflammatory process, etc – but that’s a different topic) in order to assist the body in its healing process. The worst thing you can do is just sit there and do nothing.”

The heat you need comes from the heat generated from your body while moving.

On a side note, I personally love, love, loooove heat. Give me a hot tub, heating pad, or a sunny beach any day!




Not just any movement. Precise movement.

Movement that activates the right muscles for your specific situation directed by a great Physical Therapist that has an eye for these things. Someone like Dr. Corey Southers can work with you to determine what’s best and help much better than heat or ice could.

Don’t let it be your last resort like terrible pain or surgery. A great PT like Dr. Corey Southers can prevent it from getting worse and strengthen it.

What type of movement is right for your pain or injury?

He said, “That’s where I come in. Everybody is going to be different in this regard – and we need to take your specific injury or pain into account for this answer – 10 people with the same type of pain may have 10 different approaches for this movement, so it’s smart to address it quickly before it begins to become a more chronic issue. The nervous system is a VERY strong influencer in regards to movement and what it can tolerate/not tolerate without making that pain worse, so we have to work together to figure that part out!




That’s when I called Dr. Corey.

I wanted something more than just heat or ice, even though it helps. Especially being that my ankles are bone-on-bone ten years ago after the accident, it’s crucial I make physical therapy a priority.

Precise movement is what my ankles need, instead of covering it up with superficial treatments.

I can keep getting massages, acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic adjustments, or heat and ice, but to really get to the bottom of this, it takes movement. Those things can help treat pain and help with recovery and performance, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem.

I’m looking forward to starting Physical Therapy! I enjoy it.  It’s preventative, proactive, and corrective.   Plus, I really hate ice.

So what about you, have you found that you respond better to heat or ice? Or maybe alternating them? Let me know in the comments below!



For any questions about any pain that you’re dealing with, or to set up an appointment with Dr Corey to address any of these issues, contact him directly:

Corey Southers, PT, DPT, CSCS
Rehabilitation Redfined, LLC
[email protected]
@rehabredef on Instagram
Located in Grandview at 833 Grandview Avenue

Why You Really Need a Retreat Now More Than Ever

Why You Really Need a Retreat Now More Than Ever

Since I have been a therapist now for 20 years, I can’t help that I see people’s pain and trauma.  It’s so much more difficult to hide as you age.  That means, the sooner we just tackle it all, the easier each tackle becomes.  The less intimidating it becomes.  I can see it in their habits,  posture, and perspective.

Things like our health, managing stress, overcoming our issues, enjoying life, and having happier relationships. It’s all part of our overall well-being, success, and performance.

But I saw her as I stood in a long line for wine tasting. I was there by myself for much needed alone time. I myself, needed time to process, heal, and work through my current pain. Read More Here on Being Healthier and Happier.

She was elderly.  Hair was colored and thinning.  Makeup beautifully done and intentional.  However, my attention went back to her posture, her neck, and her emotions that seemed stuck in her neck and traps.

She stood out to me. I wondered her story behind her pain.  She didn’t need to tell me she was in pain, I could see it.

I wondered what she held.

Wanting and desperately needing time to myself, I still asked myself if I should join her to listen.  That maybe voicing her pain or seeing someone who cared, could help diffuse the manifestations in her neck.

Besides, she was alone, too.

At least, I thought.


retreats, wine tasting columbus, columbus retreats



I was about to order my glass of wine, and that’s when I saw an older gentleman. He left the bar with a chilled bottle of champagne in a silver bucket, and two glasses.  His fragile frame shuffled his feet through the outdoor patio to meet her.

It was a precious moment that I felt like I wasn’t supposed to see.

He concentrated on every single shuffle to get closer to her and her eyes absolutely lit up to see him.

It was then my own eyes filled with tears and I didn’t even get to drink my wine yet.



I didn’t know their story and we don’t know all of ours either.

That’s part of the beauty, yet part of the pain.

Especially in a time like this, where many of us are in difficult and uncertain times and place. Many of us are holding in our own necks and traps.  Transferring into our health, well-being, relationships, and success… or lack of.

We see our pain, we feel it, and we wonder what the rest of our story is.  We wonder what the next step is.


Columbus retreats, retreats in columbus



We wonder where God is in the midst of this.  We wonder when our eyes will light up again, when our hearts will stir with passion and purpose.

Sometime’s God shows you when you take precious moments to be present. It’s not about being busy all the time because that’s where you miss the best moments.

In fact, this was only a few weeks after I lost my third baby in a year.

I wanted alone time.  Time to process and time to heal.  Not sure how long that will take, but I had this weekend to work with.  That’s why this time was a retreat for me and became so much more.




retreats, self-care, renewal, recharge


Your retreat doesn’t have to be some extensive vacation.  You can do what I did, and find a nearby destination.  Find something easy and make it happen. Get there and completely unplug, be renewed, and get a fresh perspective.

I drove north for two hours until I got to a lighthouse, sat on a rock, and listened to waves. I unplugged from technology so I could be present, went wine tasting completely by myself, listened to live music, and wrote this story in my journal while tears fell on the page.  Exactly what I needed. Even the tears.

I needed a retreat.  We all do.

Retreats are needed on a regular basis for your overall well-being, success, and performance.

It’s part of your story… a better, deeper, and fuller one.

You do NOT want to wear stress, pain, and trauma not dealt with. As a therapist I see it all the time. The mental and emotional weight will pull down your physical body. If you don’t get renewed on a regular basis, you won’t be able to hide that anymore.  It will take you further away from well-being, success, and performing higher in your life.  So the sooner you can have a little (or a big) retreat for yourself, do it.  Your future self will thank you for it!



Look for local interests near you or join me for future events.  From outdoor activities, spas, silent retreats in monasteries, focus group retreats (some for men, women, couples, special interest), wellness parties, fitness retreats, to wine tasting for a few ideas. Check out this article for ideas:  How to Take a Break When You Can’t Travel Far.

Make it part of your lifestyle of being renewed because how you spend your life is how you spend a day.  So make renewal part of your daily habits and don’t wait for when stress, pain, trauma, and whatever issues hold you back and suppress you.  Move forward, don’t be held down.

Be brave and face it. Heal from it. Don’t let it dwell in your mind or your body. Become more successful, healthier, and happier because you do this regularly. It will become easier and easier and more rewarding the more you do.  Read Three Things You Need for a Happier and Healthier You for more ideas.



Thank you for reading my post.  I hope you felt inspired or empowered in some way.  If you were, please share this.



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Three Things You Need for a Healthier and Happier You.

Three Things You Need for a Healthier and Happier You.

Do you stop to celebrate along the way? Even the little things?

Because you need to. Especially when life can be difficult, be even more intentional to celebrate the little things.

Like for me, getting this blog up.

It’s been almost six years in the making.


It’s been six years of running full speed into brick walls and starting over. Six years of working so hard to have the rug pulled out from under me.  Six years of taking one step forward and ten steps back.

C’mon, I know you’ve been there.

Maybe you are there now, but let this be an encouragement to you to never stop trying.



Hi, I’m Bailey. I left Facebook months ago because I believe in doing what you need to do to take care of your own happiness and mental health. I don’t miss it one bit.

I told myself I’d wait until elections were over, but it may be a more permanent thing. Do whatcha gotta do!

I am an author, high performance coach, business owner, therapist, wife, and mom. Time is sacred and something I don’t waste, so it’s important to be intentional with time.  For me, Facebook sucked me into some black hole every time I logged in and would rather live without that. Think of some time wasters for you that steal how you can be more intentional with what you want to do with your life.

This blog is where I’ll be coaching you on high performance while simplifying training and nutrition to have the life you want.  Sometimes that means giving up things that aren’t good for you, like Facebook or toxic relationships.


fitness, health, blogger,




Hold on. You might already discredit yourself and subconsciously think, “I’m not a high performer, so that’s not for me.” But let me challenge you to believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself, because somebody needs to!

High performers aren’t just the millionaires and professional athletes like you think.  High performers can be from any background or any demographic, and in any field while maintaining relationships and well-being.

Therefore, that CAN be you, if it isn’t already.

Don’t discredit or doubt yourself. You can make actionable steps towards where you want to be.  You can! Whether you think you can or can’t… you are right!



Sometimes it’s just easier to put your head down and bury yourself in work. I could easily do this all day, but I don’t allow it. Believe it or not, but that hustler 24/7 mentality is NOT a high performance trait. Living like that causes more damage on your well-being and relationships.

Smile and celebrate along the way.  This could be sharing with your closest friend with a text, phone call, blog post, or social media post. I mean, that’s what this blog post is! I’m doing a happy dance this is finally LIVE!

Find the people that love to celebrate your victories along the way, it’s fun to share with those who cheer you on! And don’t forget to celebrate them and their wins along the way.

Sharing this first blog post is itself a little celebration! It was really hard work to get here and to keep working out the technological bugs along the way.  To celebrate, I’m taking my husband out to Texas de Brazil.  We are big meat eaters and everything there is so tasty!

So whatever that next step is: losing five pounds, sticking to your personal development habit tracker, finished a training program, finished a semester, getting a promotion, starting a business, got your blood pressure down, a milestone like a birthday or anniversary:  YOU NEED TO CELEBRATE.

Ya, hear me?



retreats, self-care, renewal, recharge


Just two weeks ago I just drove two hours north to drink wine, sit on a rock by a light house, and listen to waves.  Something so simple, but exactly what I needed.

Remember how the 24/7 hustler mindset is not a high performance trait?

Straining, stressing, and hustling 24/7 without renewing yourself regularly will deflate you real quick, taking you further away from the high performance mentality and life. That means, it takes you further from success, health, and happiness. Not closer.

Side Note: Did you know that the healthiest and happiest people make more money? They aren’t healthy and happy because they make money, but it’s the opposite.

Healthier and happier people tend to be easier to work with, add value to the workplace, promote positivity,  get promoted faster, encourage others, and attract more sales.

Do you remember a day you didn’t feel your best? It’s so much more difficult to BE your best if you don’t FEEL your best, isn’t it? Your energy goes down, your smile fades, you miss out on opportunities, your productivity goes down, your happiness decreases too.

It isn’t fun.


You need to be renewed.


You can’t be your best without it, plain and simple.  Sure, you can bully and force your way through it ignoring all the warning signs, but you’ll cause even more harm.

I know because people try to force it all the time and then wonder why they broke down, what happened to their health, how a tiny habit turned into an addiction, what happened to their marriage, and why they can’t seem to find joy no matter what they buy. Ouch, right?

More than ever, you need to get out and renew yourself.

It doesn’t have to be something that is stressful to plan or anything extravagant. Even a simple trip to a nearby lake, hiking trail, beach, or a coffee shop.

Go to a new place. Go to a familiar place and relive happy memories. Get a massage. Go on a retreat.  Worship, pray, and meditate.


I’d love to help you on this journey.

Learn to think like a high performer, live like one, earn like one, and dream like one. Renew your mind and body by joining me for events and retreats.

You need to take time for yourself. Plain and simple. Stop waiting.

All the ways you can be renewed and recharged to feel and be your best.

Sign up for my newsletter to stay connected and grow in all of those things! Sign up here!



Did this post could inspire you at all? Or think it may inspire someone to celebrate along the way, to not give up, or want to share some positivity? Please share! Thank you and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more!


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