11 Best Tricep Exercises

11 Best Tricep Exercises

If you want strong and defined arms, you can achieve them in less time by simplifying your approach.  In this post, I will provide you with 11 of my favorite tricep exercises including strength training videos and strategy to get profound results in a fraction of the time.

This strategy of training is important not only for your physical results, but for the sake of your time, productivity, relationships, and energy. You are being more time-efficient. 


What would you do if you could get in amazing shape, build great triceps, burn off lots of fat, PLUS save time? 

Time that you can invest where it matters most. 

Awesome, right? Who wouldn’t want that?


You burn more fat by training the larger muscle groups.  This is why in The Three Day Body, we have one day designated for legs, another for chest and shoulders, and another for the back.  Those larger muscles are doing work faster than cardio.

Instead of designating one entire training day towards arms, save time by tagging on a few sets of tricep exercises at the end of training chest. That way, you are still focusing on burning overall fat, sculpting your triceps, and saving yourself a whole lot more time to live the life you want. 


If you want to pack on some muscle to your arms, then perhaps adding a 4th training day to your routine would be more ideal.  You would then be training four hours a week instead of my original three.  When I want shorter workouts or have a 4th training day just for arms, I simply remove all shoulder, bicep, and tricep exercises from training days, and combine them together to make the 4th training day.  

I promote training only three days a week and then can use a fourth day for a lagging body part.  If your arms are what is lagging, then have a 4th training day set aside if time and life permit.

 Don’t make it more complicated than that. 


Embrace that time to do more stuff you want. Work towards more goals, deeper relationships, projects, managing your stress, and planning your next vacation. 

It doesn’t mean you are lazy, it means you are smart. Tagging on a few sets of the tricep exercises below at the end of chest day saves you an entire day from training arms. You just saved yourself an entire training day.  

Don’t just work harder for the sake of working harder, but instead work smarter. 

Train smarter.


Always fuel your body for what you want it to do.  

You will find me sipping on Essential Amino’s from Granite Supplements during every training session.   

If you want to add more muscle, then check out the Muscle Building Stack from Granite. I’m an ambassador and believe and use their products.  Use my code to get discounts for yourself too. Use BaileyD10 at checkout.  


Why is this so important? Because time is something you can’t get back.  It’s important to not only have health and fitness goals, but you need goals in every area of your life.  Spend as minimal time in the gym as possible while you also get maximum results. You set yourself up so you can succeed in all the important areas of your life… not just your triceps. It’s a #winwin.


I trained this way even when winning figure competitions and finishing top 10 at national levels. It is possible to simplify your strength training while still getting awesome results.  If you do require or desire larger arms, then having a 4th training day just for arms would be a better fit for you.


These 11 tricep exercises define, strengthen, and build the back of your arms. They are used within the training program and place them here for you to refer back to. If you haven’t already signed up for The Three Day Body, then contact me and I’ll get you started! 

Always read ahead to see your workout for the day to make sure you can visualize the best form possible. If you get sloppy, then you just don’t make the greatest results you are capable of.  So get inside your own head.  Watch the videos.  Visualize yourself doing them. Take that vision to the gym and make it happen.


  1. Close Grip Bench Press
  2. Tricep Dumbbell Overhead Extension
  3. Double Tricep Kickback
  4. Tricep Pushdowns
  5. Tricep Rope Pulldown
  6. Tricep Bench Dips
  7. Weighted Bench Dips
  8. Pushups
  9. EZ Bar Skull Crushers
  10. Dumbbell Skull Crushers
  11. Dips


Study the videos from some of the best trainers from around the world below. Study. Visualize. Take them to the gym with you and make your next workout the best one yet.

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