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I’m Bailey, the author of this blog and owner of Bátor Studios. I love blue hair, and no it’s never the same shade of blue! I write about training, nutrition, and high performance, but this section is where I share the more personal stuff. I pray to inspire or empower you in some way! Say hello and leave a comment so I know you were here!

Three Things You Need for a Healthier and Happier You.

Do you stop to celebrate along the way? Even the little things?

Because you need to. Especially when life can be difficult, be even more intentional to celebrate the little things.

Like for me, getting this blog up.

It’s been almost six years in the making.


It’s been six years of running full speed into brick walls and starting over. Six years of working so hard to have the rug pulled out from under me.  Six years of taking one step forward and ten steps back.

C’mon, I know you’ve been there.

Maybe you are there now, but let this be an encouragement to you to never stop trying.



Hi, I’m Bailey. I left Facebook months ago because I believe in doing what you need to do to take care of your own happiness and mental health. I don’t miss it one bit.

I told myself I’d wait until elections were over, but it may be a more permanent thing. Do whatcha gotta do!

I am an author, high performance coach, business owner, therapist, wife, and mom. Time is sacred and something I don’t waste, so it’s important to be intentional with time.  For me, Facebook sucked me into some black hole every time I logged in and would rather live without that. Think of some time wasters for you that steal how you can be more intentional with what you want to do with your life.

This blog is where I’ll be coaching you on high performance while simplifying training and nutrition to have the life you want.  Sometimes that means giving up things that aren’t good for you, like Facebook or toxic relationships.


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Hold on. You might already discredit yourself and subconsciously think, “I’m not a high performer, so that’s not for me.” But let me challenge you to believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself, because somebody needs to!

High performers aren’t just the millionaires and professional athletes like you think.  High performers can be from any background or any demographic, and in any field while maintaining relationships and well-being.

Therefore, that CAN be you, if it isn’t already.

Don’t discredit or doubt yourself. You can make actionable steps towards where you want to be.  You can! Whether you think you can or can’t… you are right!



Sometimes it’s just easier to put your head down and bury yourself in work. I could easily do this all day, but I don’t allow it. Believe it or not, but that hustler 24/7 mentality is NOT a high performance trait. Living like that causes more damage on your well-being and relationships.

Smile and celebrate along the way.  This could be sharing with your closest friend with a text, phone call, blog post, or social media post. I mean, that’s what this blog post is! I’m doing a happy dance this is finally LIVE!

Find the people that love to celebrate your victories along the way, it’s fun to share with those who cheer you on! And don’t forget to celebrate them and their wins along the way.

Sharing this first blog post is itself a little celebration! It was really hard work to get here and to keep working out the technological bugs along the way.  To celebrate, I’m taking my husband out to Texas de Brazil.  We are big meat eaters and everything there is so tasty!

So whatever that next step is: losing five pounds, sticking to your personal development habit tracker, finished a training program, finished a semester, getting a promotion, starting a business, got your blood pressure down, a milestone like a birthday or anniversary:  YOU NEED TO CELEBRATE.

Ya, hear me?



retreats, self-care, renewal, recharge


Just two weeks ago I just drove two hours north to drink wine, sit on a rock by a light house, and listen to waves.  Something so simple, but exactly what I needed.

Remember how the 24/7 hustler mindset is not a high performance trait?

Straining, stressing, and hustling 24/7 without renewing yourself regularly will deflate you real quick, taking you further away from the high performance mentality and life. That means, it takes you further from success, health, and happiness. Not closer.

Side Note: Did you know that the healthiest and happiest people make more money? They aren’t healthy and happy because they make money, but it’s the opposite.

Healthier and happier people tend to be easier to work with, add value to the workplace, promote positivity,  get promoted faster, encourage others, and attract more sales.

Do you remember a day you didn’t feel your best? It’s so much more difficult to BE your best if you don’t FEEL your best, isn’t it? Your energy goes down, your smile fades, you miss out on opportunities, your productivity goes down, your happiness decreases too.

It isn’t fun.


You need to be renewed.


You can’t be your best without it, plain and simple.  Sure, you can bully and force your way through it ignoring all the warning signs, but you’ll cause even more harm.

I know because people try to force it all the time and then wonder why they broke down, what happened to their health, how a tiny habit turned into an addiction, what happened to their marriage, and why they can’t seem to find joy no matter what they buy. Ouch, right?

More than ever, you need to get out and renew yourself.

It doesn’t have to be something that is stressful to plan or anything extravagant. Even a simple trip to a nearby lake, hiking trail, beach, or a coffee shop.

Go to a new place. Go to a familiar place and relive happy memories. Get a massage. Go on a retreat.  Worship, pray, and meditate.


I’d love to help you on this journey.

Learn to think like a high performer, live like one, earn like one, and dream like one. Renew your mind and body by joining me for events and retreats.

You need to take time for yourself. Plain and simple. Stop waiting.

All the ways you can be renewed and recharged to feel and be your best.

Sign up for my newsletter to stay connected and grow in all of those things! Sign up here!



Did this post could inspire you at all? Or think it may inspire someone to celebrate along the way, to not give up, or want to share some positivity? Please share! Thank you and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more!


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  1. Bridget

    Omg your sooo amazing!!! Where can I buy the book???

    • admin

      Aw Bridget, thank YOU!! It will be out in 2021! You are my very first blog comment and you just made my day! As soon as I get the release date, I’ll share through my newsletter!

    • Denny

      Congratulations on staying the course. This is an amazing blog. Much success to you.

      • Bailey

        “Staying the course,” I like that. Thank you so much Denny, and especially for your last email. I printed it out. Thank you for being such a great encouragement over all these years.

  2. Angela

    YAY!!! I’ll join you in the happy dance!!! Love the way you write. Congratulations!!

    • Bailey

      Thank you Angela! YOU have been such a big part on getting this LIVE! Thank you for doing that happy dance with me and being such a great support!

  3. Arlene

    Thank you, Bailey, for the reminder to “stop and take to to appreciate life.” Such a great encouragement because we all get so busy (I know I’ve been!) that life tends to run right by us.

    • Bailey

      Hi Arlene! Thank you so much. Oh gosh, we need to stop, take it in, and appreciate it. I know it’s been harder than ever during these pandemic days. Snowboarding season is coming up soon and I’m thinking, “Gosh, I don’t have time for that!” But then I have to hold myself accountable to do it anyways. Teaching it is part of my own self-care. It helps me to stop and enjoy life, and make it more of a priority even though I don’t have time for it… I need to make time for it anyways! Find something you love, and make yourself do it!

    • Shannan

      This is amazing! Just what I needed. You make me feel like I’m part of a community of like minded thinkers. I’m with you all the way girl and I may bring some others along too!

      • Bailey

        You are amazing Shannon! Oh my gosh, to just DO life with like minded thinkers! It’s such a beautiful place to be. We need each other! Thank you so much for taking time to comment! And hope you join in some future events, and let me know what sounds more like your vibe too! Wine and yoga? Hiking? Adventures? Mountains? Local? Islands? I’d love to hear what you’d enjoy most!

  4. John

    Good to see the forward momentum. Keep it going.

    • Bailey

      Hi John! Thank you so much. Feels good to have forward momentum after that rough patch! Gotta keep the faith and the perseverance.

  5. Signe Damron

    Great post! You mentioned something above about joining you for events and retreats, I am definitely interested.

    • Bailey

      Would love to have you! Planning local, international, and global events and retreats. What would be more your vibe? I’d love to hear so I can plan things according to what you’d like. Wine and yoga? Relax and reset? Somewhere close or go out for an adventure? Budget? I’m coming up with options, but first I want to know what you’d like!

      • Signe Damron

        All of those sound interesting to me! I like wine and yoga, relax and reset, close as well as out for an adventure. I know that is not real specific. A cabin retreat could be great, nature, community. I am open. As far as budget, it is smaller now with pursuing other ventures, but I am open.

        • Signe Damron

          I also missing international travel as well! So, I am open to hearing ideas for that.

  6. Valerie

    Bailey dear one, I have released 30lbs and am more active. 💪😄🙏 Programs that focus on people like me are hard to find. Thanks for providing helpful sage advice. God bless

    • Bailey

      30 pounds and plus more active? I bet you feel amazing! What kind of programs do you enjoy and are safe? Blessings to you, too!!

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